About Us

Epik Contact Center is a recognized leader in home based contact center solutions. Headquartered out of the greater Montreal area in Quebec Canada, we proud ourselves in managing an entirely remote workforce performing from all corners of the nation. Operating 24/7 in multiple languages and timezones, our top of the line cloud technology suites makes us one of the most agile and nimble contact center company in the industry.

Epik combines omni-channel technology with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide complete customer interaction solutions in a digital age.

Epik’s omni-channel cloud contact solution has the flexibility and scalability to support smaller enterprises and global corporations. Voice calls, email, SMS, web-chat and social media channels are all managed in a single, easy-to-use application which integrates seamlessly with other enterprise solutions. As a result contact centre agents and other parts of the business can access corporate systems such as customer relationship management (CRM) information, invoice history, product or service details and user knowledgebases to answer customer queries efficiently and effectively.Epik is committed to using innovative technology to improve customer interactions and its new AI solutions are an efficient and cost-effective addition to any organisation’s self-service offering.

Sunil Dua

Vice President Operations

Sunil Dua, comes with an overall of 18+ years in the BPO industry. Starting at the front line, Sunil quickly moved up taking up larger responsibilities and making his way into leading multi-million dollar businesses. He has navigated through various business functions ranging from Operations Management, Vendor Management, Service Delivery, People Management, and Customer Service. Sunil has worked in US Financial Services, US Healthcare, Customer Service, Technical Support, and Real Estate. His last assignment in India shuffled between setting up and leading the customer care support for one of the largest transport application services in the US and leading teams located in multiple geographies for a US Healthcare organization.

"Comfort zones must be challenged for the sake of your personal growth."

Seva Piterkin

Vice President Finance

Seva Piterkin (CPA, CMA) has evolved for more than 15 years in various industries including professional services, retail, multimedia, web technologies, engineering, and construction, in Canada and the United States. He developed expertise in process reengineering and resource optimization. He excels at creating and implementing innovative solutions and is constantly adapting his strategies to upcoming challenges.

"Never hesitate to challenge traditions and the status quo or someone else will and you will be left behind."

Charanjot (CJ) Anand

Director of Training

With a diverse experience in the Customer Service, Retail, and Business Process Outsourcing field, CJ directly managed Operations, Recruitment, and Training & Development teams across the globe. Throughout his career, CJ gathered a myriad of experience in leading and collaborating with teams in different countries and continents including Australia, India, Philippines, UK, US, and Canada. With over 20 years of in-depth and hands-on expertise for design, delivery, and project management, CJ has serviced clients in some of the biggest industries in the world such as telecom, retail, financial as well as the government sector.

"No person is ever untrainable! Provided you understand that…all it takes is time and effort"

Jessika Loyer

Director of Marketing

Jessika is a Marketing & Social Media Professional with extensive experience delivering comprehensive branding, marketing and social media strategies to various organizations in the market and senior leader audiences. With over 15 years of hands-on operations management, her track record includes serving as a leader for retail multinationals in addition to assuming multiple marketing mandates for the real estate, business process outsourcing and fitness sectors.

"Live, Love and Laugh… but Learn! "

Rafael Giguere

Board Member

Rafael Giguere is a well-established contact center leader with a proven track record in the BPO industry. Rafael successfully led global contact centers as a Vice-President of Operations for major BPOs and bluechip clients of various fields including but not limited to: utility, banking, telecommunication, government entities, and various retailers. With nearly 20 years of hands-on experience in nearly every aspect of the business, Rafael has built one of the most diversified track records in the contact center industry.

"If the value of money and knowledge is primarily enabled once exchanged… then Communication is power !”

Why Epik ?

Remote Workforce

There is now a ‘Before’ and ‘After’ COVID19. All organisations are now facing an immediate need to reprogram the way they operate by adopting extreme business agility. Based on that, Epik has built its business model around a predominantly remote workforce in order to; broaden its labor pool, offer true business continuity and significantly increasing employee retention. With its entirely cloud based infrastructure, all of our processes from Recruiting, Training to IT support have been adapted to a fully virtual environment.

SMB Friendly

Epik is a Small Business-Friendly provider that works with any types of business requirements regardless of the scale of your business needs, company size or tenure. Although Epik has the infrastructure to support complex and very large programs, our service are meant to adapt to the smallest contact center needs in the market. Contact us today and get support starting as low as 160$ USD per month.

Modular Service Pricing

With ever changing business needs & requirements, Epik provides you with ‘Modular Service Pricings’ allowing you to tailor the cost to your true business needs and allowing you to test some features without the long-term commitment. Feel free to add and remove some of the features throughout the term until the service is adapted to your needs.

Global Footprint

Having an international footprint in todays corporate world provides a definite competitive edge whether it is for wider time zone coverage, multi-language support or having access to global labor pools. Epik currently as the capability to expand your customer service support in over 185 countries in the world so entering new markets or supporting your existing customers with local resources has never been easier.

Field Expertise

Epik employs some of the most experienced BPO leaders in the field. With well established contact center curriculums, Epik’s management team holds literally decades of industry expertise in a plethora of sectors such as Banking, Financial services, insurance, utility, telecommunications, retail and many others. With lengthy experience in servicing multiple forbes 500 clients over the years, our leaders have proven track records in leading BPO Operations across the globe and transforming contact center capabilities.

Omni-Channel Technology

The bottom line is your contact center should be accessible to your customers on all the channels they use. With a combination of Omni-Channel Cloud technology and APIs, Epik’s technology integrations allows for instant access to every customer-facing channel. Our omnichannel capabilities features a single agent interface for multiple channels such as SMS, phone calls, web chat, email and social apps and eliminates the need to maintain separate integrations or interfaces.