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Cutting edge Technology and world class Expertise

Epik is your “turn key” contact center solution that not only provides the resources and tools to manage your customer interactions but is easy to implement and molds to your business strategy as an extension of your enterprise. As a specialized Business Process Outsourcer with omni-channel cloud technology and significant field expertise, we literally transforms your customer interaction capabilities overnight. Whether you need assistance with customer facing queues or adhoc special campaigns, Epik provides contact center services for all parts of your customers life cycle and that through every communication channels available in the market. Contact our team today or use our online Quotation form to get started.

Where We Are

Epik Contact Center is a recognized leader in home based contact center solutions. Headquartered out of the greater Montreal area in Quebec Canada, we proud ourselves in managing an entirely remote workforce performing from all corners of the nation. Operating 24/7 in multiple languages and timezones, our top of the line cloud technology suites makes us one of the most agile and nimble contact center company in the industry


Our range of Channels

Inbound Voice

Setup inbound voice queue(s) with a Local or Toll-Free number with a comprehensive routing structure allowing your customers to contact you directly. Setup of an interactive menu option allowing callers to navigate through your service and company options.

Outbound Voice

Manual outbound campaign that presents phone numbers or accounts in a predetermined sequence. An agent is presented with an account based on specific business parameters which signals the agent to review the account and initial a call.


SMS customer service makes it possible to text-enable any toll free and business numbers for any of your service departments. Whether you are setting up an inbound text queue or a mass texting campaign, this channel provides more...


Live Chat has become a core customer channel nowadays, allowing your customers to interact with you at their convenience. Our teams are trained to address concerns through chat in timely manner while maintaining your brands voice. Having a...


A responsive email program is key to a successful multichannel customer service solution. Whether through email outbound campaigns or inbound service Queue(s), our email specialists are able to handle your customers requests, resolve issues and log all of...

Social Media

The highly public realm of social media is where an increasing number of customers turn to voice their comments and concerns. Our social media customer service team delivers careful, highly responsive support while aligning seamlessly with your marketing...


Our expertise in Contact Center Solutions

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Alain Bourcier – Senior Advisor (National Bank of Canada)

“In my time working with Rafaël, he demonstrated a strong business acumen for both front end and back end operations within a Contact Center. As a client, that knowledge instilled confidence in our business relations and I appreciated his ability to always be available in a timely manner.”

Marc Fafard – CPA/CMA

“Methodical and results-oriented, Rafael will leverage from the industry’s best practices to build a high-performance culture. Always delivering a balanced scorecard, he ensures that the optimal level of readiness is maintained whilst keeping holistic governance of the value proposition to keep profitability and performance at peak. Rafael great work ethics are only equaled by his ability to foster lasting business relationships. It’s of no surprise that Rafael was a key contributor to double-digit revenue growth.”


Our Account Feature Options

Our Partners / Integrations

Our Team

Why Epik ?

Remote Workforce

There is now a ‘Before’ and ‘After’ COVID19. All organisations are now facing an immediate need to reprogram the way they operate by adopting extreme business agility. Based on that, Epik has built its business model around a predominantly remote workforce in order to; broaden its labor pool, offer true business continuity and significantly increasing employee retention. With its entirely cloud based infrastructure, all of our processes from Recruiting, Training to IT support have been adapted to a fully virtual environment.

SMB Friendly

Epik is a Small Business-Friendly provider that works with any types of business requirements regardless of the scale of your business needs, company size or tenure. Although Epik has the infrastructure to support complex and very large programs, our minimum thresholds goes as low as 2 FTEs and is meant to adapt to the smallest contact center needs in the market.

Modular Service Pricing

With ever changing business needs & requirements, Epik provides you with ‘Modular Service Pricings’ allowing you to tailor the cost to your true business needs and allowing you to test some features without the long-term commitment. Feel free to add and remove some of the features throughout the term until the service is adapted to your needs.

Global Footprint

Having an international footprint in todays corporate world provides a definite competitive edge whether it is for wider time zone coverage, multi-language support or having access to global labor pools. Epik currently as the capability to expand your customer service support in over 185 countries in the world so entering new markets or supporting your existing customers with local resources has never been easier.

Field Expertise

Epik employs some of the most experienced BPO leaders in the field. With well established contact center curriculums, Epik’s management team holds literally decades of industry expertise in a plethora of sectors such as Banking, Financial services, insurance, utility, telecommunications, retail and many others. With lengthy experience in servicing multiple forbes 500 clients over the years, our leaders have proven track records in leading BPO Operations across the globe and transforming contact center capabilities.

Omni-Channel Technology

The bottom line is your contact center should be accessible to your customers on all the channels they use. With a combination of Omni-Channel Cloud technology and APIs, Epik’s technology integrations allows for instant access to every customer-facing channel. Our omnichannel capabilities features a single agent interface for multiple channels such as SMS, phone calls, web chat, email and social apps and eliminates the need to maintain separate integrations or interfaces.